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Classroom Grant funds are raised by runners, donors, fundraisers, and the community during PCEF's Running with Ed. 100% of RWE funds stay in our district - and support more than 100 educator-powered programs. Take a look at the Classroom Grants that will benefit our students in the 2023/24 school year...

“The Lois and Doilney families sponsor the Excellent Educator Program because they know how critical educators are in shaping the next generation of leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers... and want to support the very people who make our schools so great."

“For the third year in a row, Running with Ed has broken records. It’s a resounding endorsement of our community's excellent educators. Not only that, it indicates the recognition that fantastic public education ensures our community’s continued prosperity and stability - a very worthy investment.”

24 first-generation Park City High School students will graduate this year - with a big list of accomplishments already achieved!

They are college-ready, thanks to PCHS programs Dream Big and Latinos in Action, critical partners to Bright Futures, and every single one has plans to participate in post-secondary education, whether it’s college or career training.  

PCEF’s Educator and Student Wellness Speaker Series event, “How to Best Support Your Child Grades 6 - 12" addressed:

~ What to expect during these transformative years.
~ Effective ways to build capacity as a parent.
~ How incidents are handled; what resources are available; specific contacts for specific questions.
~ Useful ways to partner with PCSD in the best interests of your child.

Links for resources at Park City High School, Treasure Mountain Jr. High, and Ecker Hill Middle School.

Key takeaways from PCEF's Educator and Student Wellness Speaker Series event, "How to Best Support Your Child Grades 6 -12."

“It was so nice to have a professional event as an opportunity to connect with others in the district. The food and socialization was good for the soul, and being able to connect with teachers both within my own school and at other schools was so great! I learned a lot from talking to educators at other schools and I feel like I walked away with things I could begin to think about and apply immediately.”*

Dream Big and Latinos in Action are critical partners for Bright Futures Park City. Many BF students participate in all three programs, which all walk alongside motivated students and they prepare for, attend, and succeed in college.

The Classroom Grants committee is a group of teachers, students, and expert volunteers who devote time and care to guide the significant investment PCEF makes into PC classrooms.

Nearly 130 Bright Futures students are hard at work to accomplish their college dreams. Park City Education Foundation's BF program has an astonishing success rate. Take a look!

RWE 2023 Presenting Sponsor Event Network is an organization that walks the walk - quietly. The company, which stays behind the scenes to make its non-profit clients and partners shine, has been a steadfast PCEF Running with Ed Presenting Sponsor since 2019.

Each year, Park City Mountain and Vail Resorts | EpicPromise partner with PCEF's Running with Ed as a Presenting Sponsor. The group provides thousands of dollars - $10,000 of which is distributed to Park City schools through the Park City Mountain Challenge Grant!

Cada año, Park City Mountain y Vail Resorts | EpicPromise se asocian con el evento Corriendo con Ed de la PCEF como Patrocinador Presentador. Una parte del patrocinio es $10,000 en fondos para subvención de Park City Mountain - ¡que va directo a las escuelas de Park City!

What you need to know for #RWE23!

Being an effective parent while you try to support your pre-teen or teenager’s academic and social journey through middle and high school years can be extremely challenging.

This PCEF's Educator and Student Wellness Speaker Series event will offer critical insights and proven techniques to navigate this sometimes tricky path..

After decades of selfless service, during which she positively impacted everyone with whom she crossed paths, beloved Preschool Director Kathy Anderson will retire. PCEF has had the pleasure of working alongside Kathy for the last 12 years, as she created the Preschool Program and guided it to present day. Kathy - you will be so missed!

PCEF has funded more than 795 grants to classroom teachers (plus about 150 Express Grants!) through Classroom Grants. Here are few ways Park City's excellent educators are preparing our students to be tomorrow's innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders!

Two Bright Futures Park City students qualify as Utah Sterling Scholars - the first time ever!

Witnessing Classroom Grants come to life in the hands of PCSD’s expert educators is one of the most joyful parts of the job for the PCEF team, and we wanted to share that with you this month.

Here are a few ways our innovative educators are preparing our students to enter a world we can’t even imagine...

This May, eight hard-working first-generation students – from the first and second cohorts of Park City Education Foundation’s Bright Futures Park City initiative – will graduate from college!

"La PCEF nos ayuda a mantener los costos asequibles para las familias", dijo Todd Klarich, Director de Educación Comunitaria del Distrito Escolar de Park City. "Desde su inicio, el programa Extraescolar nunca ha subido los precios - y podemos ofrecer becas a un 30% de los asistentes."

Las investigaciones demuestran que los adolescentes que tienen una actividad extraescolar segura y estructurada tienen más probabilidades de tener éxito en la escuela..

El programa extraescolar de la escuela secundaria Treasure Mountain [Jr. High] -la Academia Extraescolar Mustang (MASA)- está repleta de un amplio apoyo académico y un menú extraescolar tan variado que los educadores informan de un increíble grado de compromiso por parte de los estudiantes.

“PCEF helps us keep costs affordable for families,” said Todd Klarich, PCSD’s Director of Community Education. “Since its inception, Afterschool has never raised prices  - and we are able to provide scholarships for about 30% of attendees.”  

Safe, structured Afterschool programming is just as important in middle school and junior high.

There are more than 200 8th- and 9th-grade students registered for TMJH's Afterschool program. They use that time to make up tests, have concepts retaught, complete make-up work from any missed school, complete work not done in class, and get ahead on assignments. There's also a Chill Zone with dozens of fun activities to keep students engaged.

Concern about children outside, unsupervised in the elements, inspired Michelle Coy, Program Coordinator for Park City School District's Community Education, to create the Before School pilot a couple of years ago. It's now part of the Afterschool Program and is facilitated by a coordinator and an aide at McPolin.

Within PCSD boundaries, there are about 1800 children under age 5. 600 of them are preschool-aged (at last count). PCSD has room for up to 190 Preschoolers... for now!

Access for HUNDREDS more is being created RIGHT NOW...

"Cuando el preescolar ampliado del Distrito Escolar de Park City entre en funcionamiento, tendrá un profundo impacto en nuestra comunidad", dijo Abby McNulty, Presidenta y Directora Ejecutiva de la PCEF. "Los padres y cuidadores de los niños de 4 años de nuestra comunidad, así como muchos niños de 3 años, tendrán una solución - y el programa proporcionará beneficios futuros de gran alcance para nuestra comunidad."

“When PCSD’s expanded Preschool comes online, it will have a profound impact on our community,” said McNulty. “Parents and caregivers of our community’s 4-year-olds, as well as many 3-year-olds, will have a solution - and the program will provide far-reaching future benefits for our community.” 

"Quiero que mis estudiantes tengan una buena impresión de la escuela. El preescolar prepara a nuestros niños para el futuro, y, si se interesan por la escuela, tendrán ganas de aprender. Aprenderán a leer, a escribir, a cambiar el mundo y a hacer de él un lugar mejor. Les estamos enseñando a ser GENIALES."

“Preschool sets our kids up to lead our future. If they become intrigued with school, they’ll have the desire to learn. They’ll learn how to read, learn to write, learn how to change the world – and make it a better place.” – Lisa Rasch, JRES Lead Preschool Teacher

Argelia and Anayeli Nava are the first two in their family to attend college - on the same campus! The sisters are together now, but they will soon have to navigate how to stay close from a distance.

It is so joyful to connect with others over art - which is a big reason why PCEF's Scholar Circle EVA Virtual Visit has become a beloved event! Click through to create your own masterpiece.

See your impact in our Donor Impact Report for the 2021-2022 school year. | Consulta tu impacto en nuestro Informe de Impacto de Donantes del curso 2021-2022.

No es pintar con brocha gorda decir que el arte es bueno para casi todo el mundo. Un estudio tras otro demuestra su poderoso impacto: el arte aumenta el aprendizaje visual, social, emocional e interpersonal; tiene beneficios para la salud mental y la elasticidad cerebral. También facilita el acceso al programa de STEM al hacer que los temas sean más accesibles y atractivos. 

How is art a scientific exploration? McPolin's EVA teacher explains her method!

Connect with your children and their artwork! Here is the Elementary Visual Arts curriculum for the 2022/2023 school year.

La vida fuera de la escuela repercute en el aprendizaje diario, por eso es esencial que la Iniciativa para el Bienestar de Educadores y Estudiantes de la Fundación Educativa de Park City (PCEF) llegue más allá del salón de clases, especialmente durante las vacaciones.  

Underlying reasons for adolescent substance use, what substances kids are being exposed to/using, risks parents need to be aware of, and actions you can take around this topic.

Lo que los padres deben saber sobre las sustancias que los adolescentes consumen o a las que están expuestos; las razones subyacentes al consumo de sustancias por parte de los adolescentes; riesgos a tener en cuenta; cómo hablar con tus hijos sobre esto.

Educators, students, and the community can find many local resources on this list, which was created by Park City Community Foundation's Mental Wellness Alliance.

Many PCSD parents will get information about the SHARP survey. What is it?

"Celebrating Special Education Day is all about recognizing the milestones of progress made since the 1975 signing of IDEA,” said Park City School District Special Education Director Jaclyn Knapp.

PCEF's Running with Ed voted Best Fundraising Event - again!

Dr. Jason Rafferty  → "El Viaje A Través del Abuso y la Experimentación De Sustancias en la Adolescencia: Lo Que Los Padres Deben Saber"
Lunes, 5 de diciembre del 2022 | 7 p.m.
Centro de Educación Blair en el Hospital de Park City

Park City High School English teacher Melissa Nikolai teaches "Literature of Happiness." The surprising, creative ways she helps students learn how to be happy - and how PCEF supports her along the way, with its new Signature Initiative, Educator and Student Wellness.

Events in November and December you won't want to miss!

Dr. Jason Rafferty, pediatrician and child psychiatrist, will present "Tripping through Adolescent Substance Abuse and Experimentation: What Parents Need to Know," on Monday, December 5, 2022, at 7 p.m., in the Blair Education Center of the Park City Hospital. This free community event is the second in PCEF's Educator and Student Wellness Speaker Series.

Three teachers discuss the hard work to maintain their footing over the last few years, how PCEF supported them, and what schools would look like in Park City if PCEF didn't exist...

Isaac Cortés and Lindsay Carreto are preparing to become the very first in their families to graduate from college. How they made it this far, what they plan to do next, and why they both want to give back to Bright Futures Park City.

Three Bright Futures students discuss the PCEF Signature Initiative, their dream internships, and how BF has already changed their lives.

Seven Bright Futures Park City students are poised to become the first in their families to earn a college diploma. How PCEF and the BF college coaching program has prepared them to step into a future we can't begin to imagine.

Another incredible Beat the Call results in a huge investment in Park City's future. See the winners of The UPS Stores Park City Grants - AND the winners of this year's special PCHS BTC efforts!

PCEF events in October 2022 - and one that we'd love for you to add to your calendar WAY ahead of time!

Ten years and 999 students' worth of PCCAPS; what's in store for PCSD's Career and Technical Education (CTE) programming -- and why it is critical for all of our students!

PCEF's Scholar Circle Insider takes a look at giving Park City students a compass to navigate their futures; whether "the kids are alright;" and two major milestones for PCEF-supported programming.

PCEF events in September, 2022.

“Because of PCCAPS, I already had the understanding of how to apply what I know - it has helped me tremendously! Just knowing how what you are learning will apply in real life is really important.”

The PCHS Transition Program, captained by Special Education teacher Holly Huggins, graduated its first cohort in May of 2022 - with a 100% graduation rate and a 100% employment rate. Many students now attend college. And for three years in a row - since the program started - every single person who is in the transition program has paid work experience.

“I learned that there is a place for me in science. I may not look like a scientist or feel like one but science is a big field and it's diverse. I have a place in science - and so does anyone who has that passion.” - Jose Hernandez, Bright Futures student, PCHS Class of 2023

The answer to "Are the Kids Alright" may surprise just about everyone. The incredible insight from PCEF's first-ever Educator and Student Wellness Speaker Series event.

Brand-new dates and ~amazing~ prizes for PCHS' Beat the Call this year; how to win HUGE cash infusions for your child's school, and why a cup of coffee just doesn't cut it anymore...

PCEF is launching a brand-new speaker series focused on mental wellness; plus, NEW Beat the Call dates you need to know for PCHS; and, get ready to party for a great cause with Red Apple Gala!

How PCEF's contributions to Park City's educators and schools ensure students are prepared for a dynamic new world filled with exciting changes and new challenges; ones we can’t even yet imagine!

In PCEF’s first-ever Educator and Student Wellness Speaker Series event, Dr. Thompson will discuss the current state of mental health for children -- and give parents specific, expert guidance on protective measures.

There is a massive milestone on the way for Bright Futures Park City. The PCEF Signature Initiative is getting ready to celebrate in a HUGE way this May!

Many Special Education students continue to attend classes through the summer. Click through to explore how educators keep the learning fresh!

Seniors in Park City's Special Education program had a 100% graduation rate in 2022! Take a look to see what comes after graduation...

Exclusive pre-sale access for Red Apple tickets and tables opens for Scholar Circle members on July 11, 2022! Plus, a number of other upcoming PCEF events to add to your calendar.

Educator and Student Wellness and Real World Learning take their rightful places as PCEF Key Initiatives. The update is part of PCEF's relentless work to achieve accessible impact for all Park City students.

PCEF's President and CEO, Abby McNulty, shares thoughts on how to create space to both honor Park City students' success and to mourn the tragedy another school community working its way through.

After a 150% increase in Classroom Grant applications, PCEF's Board approved a large increase in funding. Take a look at the incredible projects that will be funded for the 2022/2023 school year!

1200 Runners + 26.4 Miles + $320K Goal = A Record-Smashing #RWE2022 Result!

The Big Shot Photo Gallery of #RWE2022 is not to be missed!

Click through to see the final percentages for all PCSD schools in the race for the Park City Mountain Grant!

Link to Park Record's photo gallery of #RWE2022.

Excellent Educators have been celebrated as part of the revamped PCEF Excellent Educator Program, funded by the Louis and Doilney Families. See the recipients here, along withThe Sarah and Stephen Doilney Award winner - who is voted on by PCHS seniors as the most influential teacher of their school career.

Dozens of heartwarming, inspiriting comments from the PCHS Class of 2022' Sarah and Stephen Doilney Award nominations.

Map of the Excellent Educator banners on Main Street - go find your favotites!

The incredible impact on students who participate in PCCAPS is no secret - and the number of students is growing exponentially. Business projects are needed for the upcoming school year!

A PCCAPS student discusses the unique ways her experience in the program has helped her get set up for future success!

PCCAPS, the incredibly successful PCEF Initiative that gives students the chance to work on real projects with real businesses, relies on business partners. Adrienne Woolley, the Program Coordinator P, outlines project needs for the upcoming 2022/23 school year.

Support for our Excellent Educators in Park City is critical: a Guest Editorial from PCEF's Board of Trustees.

The 2022 PCEF Alumni Showcase brings six PCHS alumni together for an enlightening (virtual) roundtable.

ALL 12 of the Bright Futures students graduating from PCHS in 2022 plan to attend college in the fall – and many of them have earned incredible scholarships to help relieve the financial burden.

Bright Futures students are succeeding at unprecedented rates; take a look at the unique strategies the BF team employs to maximize impact!

Computational Thinking is a way to bring STEM processes to non-STEM classrooms. Thanks to PCEF donors, a number of EHMS teachers are participating in a pilot to deepen learning in any subject.

Park City students have access to an incredible array of STEM and CTE programming. Take a look at the tremendous opportunities available - from preschool all the way through post-secondary education!

PCEF donors fund hundreds of thousands of dollars in Classroom Grants each year. Hear how these grants, which go directly into classrooms, positively impact students who experience them!

Teaching STEM techniques in non-STEM classes improves access and equity for Park City students - and allows them to shift from consumers to creators.

Read the bios of our six fascinating PCHS alumni panelists about the unique and inspiring work they’re doing taking on some of our world’s biggest challenges, and how their time at PCHS informed their path.

PCEF donors support programs like Theater, which cultivates communication skills, improves collaboration skills, enforces creativity, boosts confidence, and provides opportunities to practice public speaking - all while creating new connections.

Hundreds of Classroom Grants have positively impacted countless Park City students and teachers!

Helpful hints for PCSD educators who are applying - or thinking of applying for Classroom Grants.

Bright Futures college student Siclali Garcia shares the key things she did to acclimate during her first (tough!) semester at USU.

This Virtual Visit will melt your heart AND inspire you! Join us on a tour of the PCSD Preschool Program!

As more Park City High School students join Bright Futures, the need for support grows, too! PCEF is happy to welcome the brand-new BF College Program Manager, Joana Acevedo, to the team!

Preschool builds the foundational attitude upon which children build their educational careers. Students are exposed to new experiences, skills, and ideas; academic language; and friendship, cooperation, collaboration, and confidence are practiced each day.

PCSD Preschool can accommodate 190 students. That number is about to increase!

Scholar Circle Grandparents and Grandchildren create art together in this special Virtual Visit for EVA!

The PCSD Special Education team has powered through the pandemic with incredible outcomes. Every school's students improved in at least one area, and each school remained relatively level in measurement outcomes - in the midst of a global pandemic!

College-bound. Career-bound. A mix of both. CTE is for every single student. One of the ways PCEF measures impact is by funding programs that make college-and-career-readiness more accessible to all students - like CTE.

An updated list of discounts for our incredible Park City School District educators.

Park City School District will have free rapid testing at two sites the first week back from winter break.

Iva Chho spent two of her PCHS years as a student in PCCAPS – an experience she says helped her get accepted into one of the most elite computer science schools in North America!

Exponential growth is underway for the Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies (PCCAPS); hear from students and staff about the high-level work they are accomplishing with real, local businesses!

Donations to PCEF make an immediate and lasting impact on our students; see the impact clearly in our Donor Impact Report for 2020-2021!

PCSD students discuss the impact of PCEF-funded initiatives and programs on their lives: past, present, and future!

See why funding academic programs to best support our students, especially through challenging times, is essential.

Bright Futures students discuss the things they value most about being part of the initiative, along with some unexpected challenges they have overcome in the past couple of years!

Contributions to PCEF's projects totaled more than $265,000 in 2021's Live PC Give PC event.

The first-ever PCEF Virtual Visit takes us to the Elementary Afterschool Initiative, where stunning statistics on the benefits of Afterschool programming are shared.

One Bright Futures student explains the drive to get to - and through! - college.

Thanks to the connections provided by Bright Futures, opportunities for students like Melissa Cruz are revealed. Because donors keep Bright Futures going, Melissa can stay focused on finishing college and pursuing her dreams.

Afterschool is academically enriching for students and financially affordable for families, AND it’s also fantastic for building friendships!

Un bono del Distrito Escolar de Park City está en la boleta electoral de este año. Su voto es decisivo.

The Park City School District community has passed the school bond – here's what you need to know...

Park City families showed up in a record-smashing way for Beat the Call 2021; check out the WINNERS of The UPS Stores Park City Grants!

Bright Futures Park City works to empower first-generation, low-income students to – and through! – college; here's a rundown of how this year is shaping up for these incredible students!

PCEF donors are supporting a brand-new Before School pilot program, funded with a Classroom Grant.

Their children may be high school and even college graduates, but these parents still feel passionate about supporting public education in Park City.

For a 14-year old Park City School District student, creating abstract art is the way he best experiences focus and clarity.

Check out the Elementary Visual Art (EVA) lessons and teachers for 2021 -2022.

PCEF President and CEO Abby McNulty welcomes families of new students to the Park City School District!

Bright Futures Summer Academy Empowers Students To Get “To And Through” College

Meet Steven Mitchell, PCHS Class of 2019, and how PCEF has inspired his college journey.

Meet Edwin Ramos, PCEF's first Bright Futures summer intern. He's powering a new effort at PCEF, with the potential to improve communication for hundreds of Park City families.

Edwin Ramos, estudiante de último año de PCHS, está trabajando en las publicaciones de PCEF en las redes sociales en español.

PCHS rising senior Edwin Ramos is working on PCEF's Spanish-language social media posts.

25 Classroom Grant requests have been funded for the 2021/2022 school year. These programs touch each school and positively impact every PCSD student.

Community Support Ensures Joyful Move-In Day for Bright Futures Class of 2021. They're Ready to Start their Freshman Year!

Meet Perla Garcia

Park City Television has put together this great RWE 2021 video recap! Check it out!

Read about Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies (PCCAPS) and how it's challenging students to problem-solve in real life in real time.

Check out three examples of students and businesses working together. With PCCAPS exponential growth, many more projects are needed!

Let the Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies advance your business!

In this month's Student Voice Series seniors Drew Neff and Perla Garcia reflect on a senior year like no other.

Meet Andrea Vazquez

How can robots and STEM teach resilience?

4th grade Anika Grenney and 6th grader Isabel Rojas discuss school challenges and bright spots this year.

Despite the setbacks of a crazy 2020/21, the resilient PCHS Debate Team has had an incredible year! In fact, it is one of the best years Park City High Debate has ever had. (Picture pre-pandemic)

Acronyms galore! PCEF donors support numerous STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs in our district. Take a look!

4th grader Oliver Abbett and 6th grader Lila Jacoby tells why they feel lucky, even during a pandemic.

Fund a grant. Empower a teacher. 

Bright Futures helps students on many different college paths.

When you lower the cost of preschool, you raise the odds of success.

A Treasure Mountain Junior High and a Park City High student tell us what they love about their teachers during COVID.

Park Record intern and PCHS student Grace Plavocos writes about the PCEF Educator Wellness Initiative

We learn a bit about the arts programs available for students in the Park City Schools District's January Newsletter. PCEF supports music and arts programs from Kindergarten through 12th grade, including our Elementary Visual Arts (EVA) program.

Bright Futures helps students stay focused on their college graduation goals.

Two PCHS students discuss overcoming adversity in 2020 and their resolutions for 2021.

From Kindergarten through 12th grade, the Park City School District is providing students with numerous tech opportunities. "With the generous and ongoing support of PCEF, PCSD has been able to develop and implement a plan that moves students from merely being technology-literate to using computational thinking skills to solve complex problems."

PCEF brings a cup of happiness to each school, thanks to donors to our Educator Wellness Initiative.

On 12/8, hear from our collegians about what it’s like to be a first-generation student during COVID. Learn about the tools and strategies they are using to survive… and thrive in school.

This virtual event is free but registration is required.

It's inspiring, refreshing, and encouraging to hear from these smart, grounded, positive and capable students. Watch the recording!

The Bright Futures program is available to low-income, first-generation students. Students apply for the program in the spring semester of ninth grade.

See the webinar recording and find key resource for this incredibly powerful and moving presentation, hosted by PCEF and Communities that Care.

New fund to offer suite of support for exhausted educators.

The McPolin Promise Partnership supports students and families at McPolin Elementary by aligning an array of programs so that every student can succeed.

New fund to offer suite of support for exhausted educators

Jessica, PCHS Class of 2022, is already making a difference for her community.

Paying it forward on behalf of Hispanic students who are the first in their family to attend college.

We know the number one influence on student success is the classroom teacher. In a world turned upside down, we asked five teachers for their thoughts on the school year so far.

Cathy Lanigan's short answer to the question 'Why do I give to PCEF' is inspiring!

All donations to PCEF from 9/8 - 9/25 will be matched dollar for dollar!

These first-generation Park City students start their college journey off right, thanks to donors.

"Cuando les oí hablar de lo exigentes que son los cursos y de lo ajetreada que es la vida universitaria para los estudiantes de ingeniería, me motivó mucho. Yo trabajo mejor cuando se me plantean retos", admite Vicente.

Meet Bright Futures student and future engineer Vincente Flores.

The July 22nd webinar recording and several links for your reference are available on this important topic.

Being diagnosed with dyslexia didn't stop Maetzi from pursuing her dreams

The #1 influence on student success is the classroom teacher. Thanks to PCEF donors, we are proud to empower classroom teachers through our Classroom Grants program.

A PCHS senior combines her love for art with digital design experience learned in PCCAPS, and creates an image reflecting this uncharted moment in time.

Thanks to YOU, we responded to immediate student and teacher needs during COVID19 school closures.

We asked some of the top experts in PCSD – our 2020 Excellent Educators – for tips on summer learning.

Sadie Ortiz, PCHS Class of 2019 and in the inaugural class of Bright Futures since she was a 10th grader, earns a true full-ride scholarship!

Park City High teachers Ashley Mott and Matt Nagel reflect on lessons learned over eight weeks of distance learning. PCEF Emergency Express Grants have helped them improve their online teaching, make connections and plan for the future during a very tough time.

Read about the difference your gifts have made in just two months!

The COVID-19 crisis has thrown the Class of 2020 into uncharted territory, but these students are determined to follow their dreams of a college education.

Parents - the homeschooling struggle is real! Here are some PCSD principal tips for at-home learning success.

The COVID-19 crisis underscores the urgency for Park City's Bright Futures students.

Trailside third grade teachers Krista Ingle and Michelle Owen share their early successes and challenges through these initial weeks of quarantine. They are among the first teachers to ask for a PCEF Emergency Express Grant.

PCHS Senior Adilene Juarez pens a prize winning essay for the Latinos in Action Spring Conference. Adilene's efforts earn her scholarship money toward the University of Utah, which she'll attend this fall!

Lindsay, one of only 30 students chosen out of 700, receives full tuition and fees, up to four years!

PCHS Junior Ashley N keeps working toward her dream - in spite of COVID-19 challenges

PCEF Expands Express Grant Fund to $50,000 to Support Immediate Teacher and Student At-Home Learning Needs.

In spite of Running with Ed cancellation, PCEF expands urgent funding to support Park City students and teachers.

Help for families whose livelihoods, health, housing, and basic needs may be impacted

Overwhelmed by the zillions of ideas all over social media to keep your kids safe and engaged? Here's a few links that have tons of resources in one place.

As we all work to keep our kids engaged, learning, and growing, PCEF is collecting a list of resources for you to reference whenever you might need it!

For many kids, the Afterschool Program is the best part of their day.

High quality preschool starts kids out with a love of school - and every $1 invested saves $13 later on.

Ms Kris loves nurturing little learners - and uses PCEF funding to help their school journey start off right.

Park City Mountain employee Chayse Maxwell talks about why Vail Resort EpicPromise supports PCEF and Preschool.

Fund a Grant. Empower a Teacher

A Classroom Grant transforms Marilyn's art classes for her students

Find out why Tom and Lynn support PCEF Classroom Grants

PCHS students Kristina Schiffman and Iva Chho talk about their transformative PCCAPS experience.

PCHS students rave about Kelly Henderson. Find out why.

The Rifkin's love all the PCEF programs their gifts support.

How one PCEF program, Bright Futures, is helping Park City's first generation kids get to, and through, college

Park City native, PCHS Class of 2014, and now Ecker Hill teacher - Rebeca Gonzalez talks about her path to teaching in PCSD.

Erin Hesser, Community Outreach Partner for Westgate Resort & Spa Park City/Westgate Foundation, talks about why it's important to support public education and PCEF.

When science is hands-on, creative thinking takes off

As one of the earliest teachers to ask for Makerspace funding, Brad talks about how hands-on learning inspires a love of STEM in his classes

Find out why the Prucka's are such strong supporters of STEM programs

Read how the power of art, thanks to a PCEF program, literally transforms a child's day.

Ms Coccaro feels her job is to guide young minds 'towards kindness and thoughtfulness' - and art helps. Find out more.

Two students give $180 to PCEF - one ponytail at a time. Read about Bandas de Amor, and the two PCSD students who started it to raise money to help their community.

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