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Overview: How to Best Support Your Child Grades 6 - 12

PCEF's Educator and Student Wellness Speaker Series event convened a panel of six of PCSD's own caring and trusted counseling and administrative educators as well as a private practice therapist to address How to Best Support Your Child Grades 6 - 12.

Educator Panel

  • Roger Arbabi, Principal | Park City High School\
  • Caleb Fine, Principal | Treasure Mountain Jr. High
  • Amy Jenkins Principal | Ecker Hill Middle School
  • Niko Jensen, Counselor | TMJH
  • Rebeca Gonzalez, Teacher | EHMS
  • Amanda Wissler, Therapist | Amanda Wissler Counseling
  • Moderator: Mary Christa Smith | Founder & Principal of Conscious Coalition Consulting

The series is a cornerstone of PCEF’s Educator and Student Wellness Signature Initiative.

Question 1 →
How do I help my student be their best self in school?  

Students must know their rights...

Question 2  →
What are the developmental changes in grades 6-12 - and how can we use that information to set appropriate expectations and provide support? 

Natural consequences are critical. 

  • White brain matter (executive functioning, emotional regulation, impulse control) is not fully developed until age 23. 
  • Parents must let children “fly or fail forward” - if kids don’t figure it out now, they won’t have the tools to do so (and succeed!) later in life. 
  • Failing forward = a mistake with a solid support system in place. 
  • Click here for additional details.

Question 3 →
What mental health services exist in our schools & how do kids access them? 

Parents ARE part of school support tiers - which exist for ALL students.

  • Parents are a crucial part of the support & learning team - stay involved! 
  • Students at all levels  - which means ALL students - need support. 
  • Share information with educators.
  • Click here for additional details.

Question 4 →
What signs will help parents know if an issue is something more than typical developmental struggle?

Watch for red flags & create tech-free family time.

  • Red flag → direct statements of desire for self-harm.
  • Red flag → extreme changes. 
  • Keep responses open-ended to encourage continued sharing.
  • Call 9-1-1 for immediate help (additional resources here).
  • Click here for additional details.

Question 5 →
How can I track my child’s academic progress throughout the week?  What are the tools I should be aware of?

Give yourself permission to be a learner of school tools. 

Click here for additional details.

Question 6 →
Who do I contact if I have a concern – academic, social, emotional - and what if my child is struggling in more than one class?

PCHS students should have ownership over many issues.  

Click here for additional details.

Question 7 →
Where can students turn for help if they are experiencing bullying or are concerned about the welfare of classmates?


Question 8 →
What support does PCHS offer for college & application prep - and how can I best support my child in this process?

PCHS has incredible resources & students get into top universities.

Click here for additional details.

Audience Question  →
At what point does the student relationship with their counselor become engaging and important? 

As you talk to your kids - ask them if there’s one adult in the building that they have a relationship with - and if they can count on them if they need help. Every parent of children of all ages should immediately ask their kids this question. 

It may be a counselor or coach or teacher - that gives them a baseline of feeling safe. Research suggests that this is VERY significant for kids’ wellbeing in school. If you’re not utilizing the counselor you're missing out on an advocate in school.

Click here for additional details.

Student Wellness Resources | Grades 6 - 12 

Park City High School 
Counseling Department
Outside Resources for Mental Wellness Support 

Treasure Mountain Jr. High 
Counseling Department 
Outside Resources 

Ecker Hill Middle School 
Counseling Department

2022/23 Educator and Student Wellness Speaker Series events: 

  1. Are the Kids Alright [after the disruption of COVID]?; Dr. Michael Thompson 
  2. Tripping through Adolescent Substance Abuse/Experimentation: What Parents Need to Know; Dr. Jason Rafferty 
  3. How to Best Support Your Child Grades 6 - 12; PCSD Educator Panel 

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