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Lower the Cost of Preschool. Raise the Odds of Success.

"The Preschool program was so great.  Not only did my daughter learn to read, even better, she fell in love with going to school." - Beth Cummings, parent of three PCSD students.


The primary objective of preschool is to prepare children to be ready for both academic and social-emotional success. PCSD Preschool offers 3-year-old 1/2 day classes and all day 4-year-old classes at all elementary schools.


Long term studies are unequivocal. Attending Preschool increases:

  • High School Graduation Rates

  • Years of College Completed 

  • Lifetime Earned Income 

Every dollar we invest in preschool provides a $13 dollar return - because when the achievement gap is addressed before kindergarten, it limits the need for expensive interventions in early elementary years.

“Preschool and Early Childhood Education is important because it exposes a child to all the foundational pieces and attitudes that they build their educational career on. We expose children to new experiences and ideas and then expand on them; we explore academic language and build academic skills; we negotiate and literally practice friendship, cooperation, collaboration, and confidence each day. There is so much wonder in this preschool world!” - Preschool teacher Kris Vipond


The Park City School District Preschool started in 2010, with PCEF donors providing the seed funding. Since then over 2,000 students have gone through the preschool program

PCEF donors provide $100,000 in funding each year to ensure the Park City School District is able to provide affordable, high-quality preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds - which means that more of Park City’s young learners start their educational journey off in the right direction. 

Support of this critical program is only possible with your help: making quality preschool affordable for all families is an investment in all of our futures!  We invite you to donate by clicking on the button below.

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