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A First-Ever: Eight First-Generation Bright Futures Park City Students to Graduate College!

This May, eight hard-working first-generation students – from the first and second cohorts of Park City Education Foundation’s Bright Futures Park City initiative – will graduate from college!

“I have a lot of plans - and I have a lot of options, too,” said Bright Futures student Lindsay Carreto. “I will be the first in my family to graduate from college - and that is a big deal.”

Lindsay (Park City High School Class of 2020) will graduate an entire year early from Utah State University. She and six other BF students: Jenifer Celestino, Isaac Cortés, Cristopher Mora-Rubio, Ashley Nava, Heidy Onofre Hernandez, Ramsey Rea, and Yetzza Sanchez – are the first in their families to earn college degrees.

Park City is a famous Utah mountain town. It draws millions of visitors each year, is the wealthiest micropolitan area in the nation, and is home to the Sundance Film Festival. Not quite as well-known: the thousands of residents who work within Park City’s hospitality industry - and their families.

Park City Education Foundation (PCEF), a partner to Park City School District, includes in its work the elimination of barriers to participation. To mitigate structural inequity challenges Park City’s first-generation students battle to get to and through college, PCEF launched Bright Futures in 2016.

Bright Futures provides at least seven years of support for first-generation students. This includes a college-readiness curriculum, individualized coaching, peer support, and financial guidance/assistance from 10th grade through college graduation.

Continuity of support through college years is the differentiator for Bright Futures Park City.

It has proven to be a singularly critical reason its students are achieving unprecedented success:

The 52 BF college students currently have an astounding 90% college progression rate. Even more impressive when compared to the 11% national graduation rate for first-generation students battling income barriers.

Isaac Cortés said it’s largely thanks to Bright Futures he got into college in the first place… “My parents always told me I was going to graduate college,” Isaac said. “I’m a first-gen college student, and a first-generation American! My parents came here to give me a better life. Before I was even born, they had this goal for me.”

This spring, Isaac graduates from Westminster College… with honors.



Lindsay CarretoUtah State University
Bachelor’s of Science, May 2023
Major: Psychology | Minor: Social Work  (PCHS 2020)

Jenifer Celestino → Utah State University
Bachelor’s of Science, May 2023
Major: International Business | Minor: Finance  (PCHS 2019)

Isaac Cortes → Westminster College
Bachelor’s of Science, May 2023
Major: Communications | Minor: Business  (PCHS 2019)

Cris Mora-Rubio Westminster College
Bachelor’s of Science , May 2023 
Major: Public Health  (PCHS 2019)

Ashley Nava → Weber State University
Associate’s of Science, April 2023
Major: Health Science  (PCHS 2021)

Heidy Onofre HernandezSalt Lake Community College
Associate’s of Science, May 2023
Major: Graphic Design  (PCHS 2019)

Ramsey Rea → Weber State University
Associate’s of Arts, April 2023
Major: General Studies  (PCHS 2020) 

Yetzza Sanchez → Salt Lake Community College
Associate’s of Science, May 2023
Major: General Studies  (PCHS 2019) 


 ► 98% → BF college matriculation rate directly from high school
 ► 52% → National average for first-generation students

► 90% → BF college retention rate
► 11% → National average first-generation students

☀ 126 → Total current BF Park City students
☀ 52 → BF college students
☀ 68 → BF high school students
☀ 150+ → Students who will be enrolled in Bright Futures by May 2023

It takes a lot of support to get our students to ~and through~ college!

If you would like to learn more about Bright Futures, or help our motivated, hard-working students by making a contribution, we invite you to click this direct link

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