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PCEF's Eight Signature Initiatives:

We want to give all Park City students the opportunities and skills to successfully navigate a dynamic world, one filled with exciting changes and new challenges we can’t even imagine. We want them to become tomorrow’s creative innovators, problem solvers, and leaders. That means our schools and educators must constantly evolve, and our funding supports that evolution.

We fund eight signature initiatives to inspire all Park City students to successfully reach their academic and lifelong potential. Within the eight initiatives are more than a hundred programs, supported annually by PCEF with a $1.5 million dollar contribution. These programs have an impact on every single one of the 4,600 PCSD students. 

The impacts of the pandemic means there are additional needs for our teachers and students. As well, the state of Utah ranks last in the country for per-pupil funding, and 96% of Park City's state-collected education tax dollars go to other school districts.  Our schools don’t have the money they need for programs that district families have come to depend upon.  Thanks to donors, the Park City Education Foundation funds programs to ensure Park City students thrive, regardless of present challenges.


  1. Preschool: Raise the odd for success. Lower the cost of preschool.

  2. Elementary Visual Arts (EVA): Keep art in the picture.

  3. Afterschool: Quality afterschool programs (K-9th) that work for working parents.

  4. Educator and Student Wellness: Wellness is an essential subject.

  5. Real World Learning: Putting STEAM to work.

  6. Bright Futures: A college degree for first-generation students.

  7. Classroom and Express Grants: Power a teacher. Launch a student.

  8. Innovation Lab: Education ideas for the future from those who know best → educator voice in education.

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