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You're Invited to Honor Park City Educators | May 2022

Some of Park City Education Foundation’s favorite events are about to spring up, with teachers as the theme: Running with Ed, Classroom Grant decisions, and this year, an even better celebration of PCSD educators: The Excellent Educator Award Program, Funded by the Louis and Doilney Families

As we devote the entire month of May to our wonderful Park City educators, we hope to bring students, parents, and community members together in support.

Plans for Excellent Educator include:

  • Educator Socials → Finally! A few chances to connect with colleagues.  
  • Names in Lights → All 680 PCSD employees named on banners along Historic Main Street from May 5 - 25.
  • Excellent Educator Reveal → Each school votes on its Excellent Educator, who is surprised with a sweet celebration.

We invite you to join! Write a note or email of gratitude. Because, Park City, our educators need to see it.

When the pandemic hit, the essential nature of our schools was laid bare: schools are the basic and indispensable center of our community. Excellent public schools ensure community prosperity and stability. 

We knew being in school in person was essential. Led by our brave educators, PCSD was among the few districts in the nation with in-person learning for the entire 2020-2021 school year.

If you, like so many of us, were drawn to Park City by this top school district and moved here for the lifestyle, support for educators – the very people who make our schools so terrific! – is critical.

PCSD, a top district in Utah and nationally, offers students access to countless enrichment opportunities – many of them created, executed, and maintained by our educators.

We have advanced classes, specialized subjects, and ever-expanding options to achieve college and career readiness. DLI, K-5 coding, affordable preschool, all-day kindergarten, incredible extracurricular and co-curricular activities… our list goes on.   

On top of all this: more than two years later, as academic, social, and emotional repercussions triggered by COVID-19 reverberate through students and families, our educators are still on the front line. 

PCEF funds initiatives that inspire all Park City students to successfully reach their academic and lifelong potential. We do this with millions of dollars to fund things like Preschool, Afterschool, STEM programming, and Bright Futures.

We also do this by celebrating and honoring our educators. 

These small gestures, an effort to support and uplift, are an effort to help our teachers continue to show up each day with energy and focus, as they do the tough, inspiring work of teaching our children and preparing them for the future.

Right now, more than ever, it is essential to dig in to support our Excellent Educators in Park City, so that they, our students, families, and this community can continue to bloom.

PCEF’s Board of Trustees is privileged to serve the Park City community. We love this work and hope our students, teachers, and community can feel the commitment we bring to our mission. 

To our Excellent Educators: our teachers, staff, and administrators: thank you will never be enough. 

With appreciation,

PCEF’s Board of Trustees
This letter was published in the Park Record as a Guest Editorial on May 3, 2022.

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