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PCEF Emergency Express Grant Fund FAQs

Q) What is PCEF’s Emergency Express Grant Fund?

          A) Historically, PCEF has offered PCSD teachers access to Express Grants, which are meant to fill immediate classroom needs. The grants have a very short turnaround time, and PCEF has used them to fill funding gaps. In the past, the Express Grant Fund has been capped at $10,000. With donor help, we expanded the amount to $45,000 in the spring of 2020 and granted over 70 requests. The needs continue and we are expanding the Emergency Express Grant program into the 2020-2021 school year.

Q) Why is PCEF increasing its Express Grant Fund?

          A) The COVID-19 crisis has made it critical for PCEF to expand the reach of Express Grants. These emergency funds will help teachers and students as they lean in to distance learning. Kids need supplies and teachers need equipment to help their kids.

          “With schools closed, teachers and students are learning in new ways,” says PCEF Executive Director Abby McNulty. “They are working and experiencing a monumental shift in educational expectations, delivery, and practice. Imagine painting the train while it’s moving at 300 miles an hour – that’s what our teachers and educators are doing right now.”

Q) What types of grants will the Express Grant Fund provide?

          A) Express Grant money distribution will be decided in alignment with the PCEF mission to help all Park City students reach their academic and lifelong potential. A few examples of how your donations may be used:

  • $50 funds personal hygiene products and over-the-counter medicines for a low income student family

  • $100 funds a teacher's classroom basics for low income families. These items are typically shared in the classroom, which is not feasible with each student learning at home.

  • $250 funds low tech supplies for home off-screen learning, such as books, workbooks, models, and manipulatives. These items are typically shared in the classroom, which is not feasible with each student learning at home.

  • $500 funds new ed-tech resources for teachers such as laptop compatible whiteboards, video/audio components, or apps to enhance online teaching.

  • Any donation of any amount is most welcome and needed, as gaps continue to be identified as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds.

Q) Who can request Express Grant Funding?

            A) Any PCSD teacher, staff, or administration may request funding

Q) How is funding requested?

            A) PCSD teachers, staff, or admin can go to our website,, and click on the ‘Apply’ tab. Follow the simple instructions to submit a request. PCEF will approve the request within 72 hours and work with the applicant to provide funds in the easiest/quickest way possible.

Q) Are there requirements to receive an Express Grant?

            A) The applicant must be a PCSD teacher, staff, or administrator, and the request must meet PCEF’s mission of helping Park City students reach their academic and lifelong potential.

Q) Are Express Grants different from PCEF’s Classroom Grants?

            A) Yes. Classroom Grants are PCEF’s program to fund teacher or administration requests for the following school year.

Q) How Can I Help PCEF with the Express Grant Fund?

            A) Please donate! Thank you.

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