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PARK CITY, Utah — The Park City Education Foundation (PCEF) will host its third annual virtual grandparent-grandchild art lesson, taught by Melissa Allen, Park City School District’s Elementary Visual Art (EVA) specialist, and an instructor at Parley’s Park Elementary School.

Thanks to the partnership of PCEF and Kimball Art Center, Park City's elementary school students are able to learn art in the classroom. Abby McNulty, President and CEO of PCEF, discusses why art is so critical for learning with KPCW's Local News Hour host Leslie Thatcher.

January's SpEd Express newsletter provides college readiness information and a deeper look at how PCSD transition students access and experience Career and Technical Education (CTE) opportunities!

Treasure Mountain students had the opportunity to design top sheets for skis for three-time freestyle Olympian Devin Logan. The project was the brainchild of digital media and photoshop teacher Meagan Chartier... [who] applied for a Park City Education Foundation grant which allowed her to...

PARK CITY, Utah — Thanks in large part to a grant from the nonprofit Park City Education Foundation (PCEF), ninth-grade students, on Friday, enjoyed the fruits of their labor in the annual Iron Chef-style competition at Treasure Mountain Jr. High (TMJH).

Many Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are supported, or entirely funded, by PCEF donors - like Brad Gannon's Construction Technology course. As the new CTE facilities are completed, PCEF donor support will make the difference for these life-changing opportunities.

How PCEF supports Student Services, Reach the Summit Transformational Academy (RSTA), and the Whole Child Focus of Park City School District.

Funding from a PCEF Express Grant made it possible for TMJH students to learn from designer David Habban and create 170 ski designs for 2014 Women's Slopestyle Silver medalist, Devin Logan. Click through to see the winning design!

PARK CITY, Utah — Treasure Mountain Junior High students had the opportunity to design the topsheet of skis for three-time Olympian Devin Logan.

Students from Ms. Chartier’s digital media, art foundations, photoshop, and 8th-grade drawing courses participated in the design challenge, with a total of 170 ski designs submitted.

“PCEF brings together their rich variety of skills, experiences, and resources to help us better support our students, families, and educators. Where else can students cross-country-ski during PE, learn to wire a house in junior high, and participate in world-champion robotics teams – all available thanks to PCEF funding?” 

"Celebrating Special Education Day is all about recognizing the milestones of progress made since the 1975 signing of IDEA,” said Park City School District Special Education Director Jaclyn Knapp.

To the Park City Education Foundation, thank you for enabling innovation, programming and student success in so many ways! Our schools would not be the same without the generosity of all who support our PCEF team. Whenever a child enjoys art, STEAM activities, robotics or debate, we have a PCEF donor to thank!

For the Park City Education Foundation, one of the many lessons to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic was the importance of educating the whole child, focusing not only on academics but also on students’ health and wellbeing.

It’s one reason the foundation has made mental health a top priority...

PARK CITY, Utah — Park City Education Foundation announced in a Facebook post on October 11 that “after seven years of relentless, grueling work, seven Bright Futures Park City students will become the first in their families to receive their hard-won college diplomas and step into their futures.”

PARK CITY, Utah — Saturday’s Red Apple Gala, presented by Zions Bank, was a sold-out success, raising funds by the Park City Education Foundation (PCEF) for programs within the Park City School District.

PARK CITY, Utah — Park City Education Foundation (PCEF) will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of their Real World Learning Initiative with a virtual event on Friday, September 30, at 10:30 a.m.

Safe & Healthy Schools, PCSD Counseling, PBIS Strategies, and PCEF's first-ever Educator and Student Wellness Speaker - all included in the September newsletter from Park City School District!

September's SpEd Express newsletter features a new EHMS teacher launching a new SpED program and the PCEF story about Holly Huggin's incredibly successful PCHS transition program! Click to read the latest from Park City School District's fantastic Special Education team.

PARK CITY, Utah — Beat the Call (BTC) begins in earnest as school begins this Fall. The Park City Education Foundation’s volunteer ambassadors will work in concert with the Park City School District PTO volunteers to ensure students and staff receive the best education experience throughout this year.

PARK CITY, Utah — Among the many programs offered by the Park City Education Foundation is Bright Futures (BF). This program motivates those students who are the first in their families to prepare for, attend, and graduate from college.

Many Special Education students continue to attend classes through the summer. Click through to explore how educators keep the learning fresh!

Seniors in Park City's Special Education program had a 100% graduation rate in 2022! Take a look to see what comes after graduation...

Park City teachers have nearly half a million dollars to fund 45 different programs on their campuses, thanks to the Park City Education Foundation.

The 2022-23 school year begins August 17 with $460,000 in extra funding to support teachers in their classrooms...

PARK CITY, Utah — The Park City Education Foundation’s (PCEF) Board of Trustees recently increased the amount of funding available for classroom grants to $460,000 for the 2022/2023 school year. Previously, $350,000 was awarded.

PCEF funds programming, like the Special Education Transition Program, that inspires all Park City students to successfully reach their academic and lifelong potential.

Locals and visitors swarmed Park City roads and trails in support of local students Saturday.

It was a party at Trailside Elementary School, where runners were greeted with live jazz for Running With Ed. Atmospheres were also upbeat at all the racer exchange sites, including five other Park City schools, Utah Olympic Park and Basin Recreation Fieldhouse.

Link to Park Record's photo gallery of #RWE2022.

PARK CITY, Utah — 1,200 runners participated in the Park City Education Foundation’s (PCEF) 13th annual Running With Ed. (RWE) relay race on Saturday. They ran relays among the Park City School District’s four elementary schools, middle school, junior high, and high school while starting and ending the race at the Basin Rec Fieldhouse.

PARK CITY, Utah. – Stio has been Running with Ed (RWE) for three years since it opened the 556 Main Street storefront. Hoping to connect with the Park City community prior to opening its doors, Stio found RWE. This year’s relay race fundraiser event is May 21. Proceeds go to Park City teachers, schools, and students.

It’s going to be a chilly start, but the race must go on. The annual fundraising race called Running With Ed happens Saturday.

Running with Ed is coming up this Saturday, May 21, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. This is the fundraiser’s thirteenth year.

Running with Ed is a fundraiser for Park City Education Foundation, in which teams of eight or less compete in a 26.4-mile relay race to raise money for Park City schools, students, and teachers.

Every May, the Park City Education Foundation shines a light on the work of educators in the city’s public schools. This year the Excellent Educator Award Program expanded to not only honor one teacher from each school, but to honor every Park City School District educator with banners on Main Street and pizza and beer socials on Fridays at Versante.

Along with announcing the full-fledged return of the Running With Ed fundraiser (see accompanying story), the Park City Education Foundation is ready to announce the 2022 Excellent Educator Awards.

The winners are as follows:

Running With Ed, Park City Education Foundation’s biggest fundraiser of the season, is back in full force after having to navigate the past two years of pandemic insecurity.

Park City Education Foundation’s favorite events are about to spring up, with teachers as the theme: Running with Ed, Classroom Grant decisions, and this year, an even better celebration of PCSD educators: The Excellent Educator Award Program, Funded by the Louis and Doilney Families.

On May 21, 2022, you can join hundreds of runners (mostly teams, but a number of solo runners will go for that 26.4 mile distance!) as they explore Park City in a way that is otherwise impossible...

PARK CITY, Utah — The Park City Education Foundation has continued to see positive results in carrying out their Computational Thinking Program Pilot at Ecker Hill Middle School as a part of their STEM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.) learning strategy.

A PCEF Express Grant funded the prizes for the Claw Machine, which is an innovative positive behavior project. Students built the entire machine themselves. When they demonstrate great behavior, they get tokens to play it!

PARK CITY, Utah — As the largest of its three annual fundraisers, the Park City Education Foundation (PCEF) begins its one-month countdown to Running With Ed. (RWE) on Wednesday for May 21, race day.

PCEF donors fund programming to inspire all students to reach their academic and lifelong potential!

PCEF matched a donor with PCHS's Dance Program - here's a look at how they've used that support!

The Park City School District newsletter highlights the Theater program, which is supported in part by PCEF donors!

The Park City Student Service Award application for 2022 can be found here!

Running with Ed has been voted "Park City's Favorite Fundraiser and Sporting Event" for the last 8 years; what is RWE - and how can you participate? #RWE2022

Parkites can list plenty of reasons to disagree with each other. But a recent fundraiser proves that, as a community, ensuring a quality education for children is something residents overwhelmingly agree to support.

"...What is on your to-do list? To get eager, motivated young people working on your project, fill out a request form at During your semester-long involvement, you’ll offer coaching and project guidance... The beauty of working with young people is while we think we’re inspiring them, they wind up inspiring us."

Participation numbers were through the roof for PCEF's 2021 Beat the Call fundraising campaign for 2021!

PARK CITY, Utah — The TMJH Arcade is the latest high-tech teaching tool created at Treasure Mountain Jr. High School (TMJH). Ben Meuller, Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher and his Mustang After School Academy.

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