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PCEF Establishes Educator Wellness Initiative

In an effort to provide a suite of wellness support options for exhausted Park City School District educators, Park City Education Foundation has established the Educator Wellness Initiative.

The goal of the fund is to provide wellness programs for Park City School District Educators, from things like yoga classes and food to outdoor activities and mindfulness training.

“To learn more about current educator stress and how we can best help, we conducted an extensive Wellness Survey,” said PCEF Executive Director Abby McNulty. “The number one request we got back that we could provide immediately was - food trucks at schools on early release days!”

The Educator Wellness Initiative debuted on Wednesday, November 4, as part of the Park City Community Foundation’s Live PC Give PC effort. PCEF listed a fundraising target of $10,000, which will, at least at first, provide food for educators on the days students leave early.

“A hot meal for our educators on days students leave early means one thing teachers and staff won’t have to worry about right now,” says PCEF Board President Ben Rifkin. “It is just the first step, however, in the Educator Wellness Initiative effort.”

PCEF is working with community organizations and businesses to offer discounts, programming, and gestures to recognize all that PCSD educators are doing to keep students safe and learning.

“The 2020-21 school year has school faculty and staff charged with pandemic health and safety protocols in addition to student instruction,” said McNulty. “We know that our PCSD community is experiencing fatigue, stress, fear, and anxiety, and PCEF wants to help our amazing educators access additional support for their own health and wellness.”

We want to recognize and express sincere gratitude for our educators during this challenging time AND we want to help in the most meaningful ways possible!

Here’s what Live PC Give PC Educator Wellness donations fund:

$40 - lunch for 4 educators

$150 - lunch for 15 educators

$450 - lunch for all educators at one elementary school

$850 - lunch for educators at Ecker or Treasure

$1,000 - lunch for all educators at Park City High School

$5,400 - cost of (1) food truck visit to all schools in PCSD

“PCEF has big plans for the Educator Wellness Initiative, but we are starting with something that we hope will make a huge difference right away”

To make a contribution to the Educator Wellness Initiative, please click here and note 'Educator Wellness Initiative' in the comments. Thank you!

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