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Celebrating 10 Years of Real World Impact!
Which school is winning? Are the kids alright? A program with a 100% graduation rate?

How Do We Prepare Students for Tomorrow's World?
Plus, a few dollars become a million, "Are the kids alright?", and the ABC's of PCEF.

How Do We Honor and Celebrate Our Community?
Funding Increase for Classroom Grants | RWE Breaks Records | Red Apple Gala

PCCAPS = priceless perspective for students; Bright Futures students earn prestigious scholarships; the NEW Excellent Educator Program; a Guest Editorial from PCEF's Board; Running with Ed updates; AND new staffers join the PCEF team!

How it's possible to teach STEM without tech; the best of the best for our Best Educators; Running with Ed 2022; and an Inspiring Alumni Showcase!

The "class" comes first in Classroom Grants -- which also have a "dramatic" impact on our students, teachers, and schools. Plus, a virtual visit; the Bright Futures program is growing; and Running with Ed is getting ready to hit the starting line!

How one "little" program creates huge impact for Park City students... Plus, access to preschool is about to expand, and 2022 RWE registration opens soon!

How do you power EVERY student's potential? Plus, PCSD's Special Education team collaborates on a MAJOR success!

One student's real-world impact of PCCAPS and a HUGE first for the initiative, PLUS the 2021/2021 Donor Impact Report is out. Your support = tremendous results. Take a look!

An incredible Bright Futures story of resilience and grit; PCEF is full of gratitude for community fortitude, civic engagement, and generosity; PLUS – ensuring our educators feel appreciated!

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