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When Science is Hands-On, Creative Thinking Takes Off.


STEM - whether it’s studying avalanches or building robots - puts creative problem solving into motion. 

That’s why PCEF invests heavily each year in STEM projects, including our groundbreaking elementary coding program and popular makerspaces. 

These programs teach students to think in non-linear ways, take risks, collaborate, and learn through trial and error. All of which make them better prepared for the future. And the highest paying jobs.

“Students are learning to decompose problems, look for patterns, think logically and sequentially and to create algorithms. They do this by communicating and collaborating with peers and thinking critically and finding creative solutions to problems and projects they are working on." 


Educators say the process of working through hands-on STEM programs like coding and robotics are particularly useful in building critical thinking and problem solving skills. When students are exposed to these skills from kindergarten through high school, they’re more prepared for success after high school. Our support of the PCSD Coding and Robotics programs are also focused on driving more talent, including women and minorities, into the local and national economy.


PCEF donors have provided countless STEM programs since we started in 1986, when we funded a PCHS science teacher's request to send two students to a space camp at Stanford.

More recently, PCEF donors fund STEM programs such as elementary coding, makerspaces, and the nationally ranked, world-record holding PCHS Robotics teams. Help us continue this formula for success - we invite you to DONATE HERE.

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