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Siclali Garcia's Guide to Greatness

Siclali Garcia’s inner compass guides her to work. A lot. 

The Bright Futures Park City student is on the Dean’s List at Utah State University, where she attends the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. She’s on track to graduate in 2025 with a double major in accounting and finance. 

As if that’s not enough to keep her busy…

  • She works more than 30 hours each week as a Resident Advisor and as an Aggies First team lead
  • Siclali earned a spot in the Goldman Sachs Women’s Possibilities Summit Program: two hours a day, five days a week, for a full month. 
  • She is now a College Mentor with Women Who Succeed
  • PLUS → She is a member of the Finance Club...
  • ALSO → Siclali holds the position of Secretary for the USU Chapter of the Association of Latino Professionals…. 
  • DID WE MENTION → Siclali is a Range Scholar, an Aggies First Scholar, a Regents Scholar, and an Educational Opportunity Scholar?!

Oh, and one more thing… Siclali (PCHS Class of 2021) is about to start a program to prepare for the summer internship she just landed: as an Internal Audit Intern at Charles Schwab on the Broker-Dealer and Asset Management Team in Westlake, Texas!

The list of things Siclali excels in is impressive in and of itself - but it’s astounding when contrasted with her college start. When PCEF last featured Siclali, in February of 2022, she described the emotional repercussions of her decision to attend USU while her friends went to the University of Utah - together: 

During the first few weeks of school, Siclali saw her friends having fun together at the U. They were having the “whole college experience” while she stayed in her dorm room, very homesick and very sad. 

“This was especially hard for me. In high school I was so involved that I was known for wanting to do EVERYTHING,” Siclali recalled. “...It was difficult at first. I was starting over with a totally blank slate.” 

Siclali quickly found her sea legs at school - and it’s fair to say she continues to want to do EVERYTHING. The thing is, she does all of it very well. 

Many people fail at managing far less, but Siclali has a unique ability: she sees things from a 30,000 view while she maintains a laser focus on what needs to be done on the ground. 

“I take it day by day. I see the importance of being a part of these programs and how things like being a College Mentor [for Women who Succeed] can make a difference for so many other girls,” Siclali said. “It’s worth it to me to create the time. I try to see the bigger picture. To get where I am today, I see what I’ve had to do and how successful I’ve been doing these little tiny steps - and how they slowly pay off - that’s the motivation that I have to continue.” 

Siclali is a young woman who talks the talk (beautifully) and walks the walk. Another comment she made two years ago continues to guide her choices today.

“My first semester at Utah State University was really difficult,” Siclali said in her PCEF feature in 2022. “I had to figure out how to be my own person, and how to just be comfortable being uncomfortable.

That discomfort surfaced as Siclali went through the hiring process for her Charles Schwab internship - which requires a move to Texas for the summer months. 

“I wanted to stay in Salt Lake City - I am comfy in Utah,” she said. “But you know, I want to try it out. I got accepted and I had been looking for opportunities to help me grow. Being in situations where I am uncomfortable is the best way for me to grow.” 

Siclali is comfortable in Utah… and it’s where her family lives. 

“When I told them about Texas,” she said, “they were happy and sad; it was a bittersweet moment. They know how hard I’m working.” 

“At first, it was hard for them to relate,” Siclali continued, “but now, they are planning to come visit me. In fact, we are driving out to Texas together. I’m excited because we hear the food is really good there. ” 

Discomfort and growth have led Siclali to another new life goal: to just go for it. 

“Growing up, I have been going for it, but also really holding myself back by not thinking I will accomplish something – so I don’t even try. Now, I’m working to steer myself away from that mentality. The worst thing is that someone will say no, or I won’t get accepted. But a lot of the time, when I go for it, I get it!” 

“I’m going to be taking more challenges in the future,” Siclali said. “I’ll do things that my younger self would have been scared by. I’m still scared - it’s scary! - it’s exciting but I am scared. But I know that it will bring out a different part of me - and that will make my older self proud.” 

Siclali’s advice to others is just as poignant. When she discusses Bright Futures Park City and first-generation college students, she urges them to look beyond self-doubt. 

“See the potential you have in yourself and in your future. We have a lot of doubt in ourselves, but we have been through so much and we have succeeded and we need to share our perspectives.” 

“So many people need - and want! - to hear our perspectives, including lots of companies now, many of which are really focused on equity and inclusion. They see a big return on investment in taking the time to learn from our experiences - so we should be sharing them. We need to just go for it!” 

A humble suggestion for the next thing Siclali could consider adding to her to-do list: write a motivational book inspired by her life, the path she’s forged, and her experiences. It’s sure to be a best-seller.

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