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Grant Sanderson PCHS Class of 2011

Grant Sanderson is the author of the YouTube channel 3Blue1Brown, which focuses on higher mathematics with a distinct visual perspective, and has over 3.5 million subscribers.  Sanderson graduated from Stanford University in 2015 having studied math and computer science. He worked for Khan Academy from 2015 to 2016 as part of their content fellowship program, producing videos and articles about multivariable calculus, after which he started focusing his full attention on 3Blue1Brown.

He created the open-source Python library Manim, a repository with over 32,000 stars on GitHub, which is used to generate the graphics of the channel.  It has also been used across numerous other channels teaching math and computer science.  In 2020 Grant Sanderson became one of the creators and lecturers of the MIT course Introduction to Computational Thinking, which used the Julia programming language to teach topics on image processing, epidemic modeling, ray tracing, and climate modeling, and the mathematics behind them.  He has also worked with a number of other education and outreach companies including Quanta, Manning, and Udacity.

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