PCEF Donors Bring Coding to the Park City School District


Abi is an active, bright third grader at Trailside. "I like Extra Math first thing in the morning," she says, "it wakes up your brain. And I like Mileage Club 'cause I like running. And my other favorite thing is Coding Class."

Abi has been part of the cutting edge elementary Coding Program, since she was in first grade. "It was her favorite class by far that year," says her mom. "I feel so lucky she was in that pilot as a first grader." 

The pilot was launched by BoardDocs, and continues with a public-private partnership between PCSD and PCEF. " We need to provide, not just content knowledge, but the four C's of 21st century learning : Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity," says Coding Specialist Mike Burton, "and Coding does that for our students."

Some may wonder, why start in elementary school? After all, in most school districts, coding and programming classes are taught in high school, if at all. "Students are learning skills beyond coding," says Trailside Coding Specialist Mike Burton, "They are learning persistence and problem-solving, and then using those skills in their other classes."

PCEF's Abby McNulty adds, "By 2020, there will be 1,000,000 open programming jobs in the U.S. By starting in elementary school, we are creating a path to excellent jobs. We hope to give kids the confidence, especially girls and minorities, to not 'self-select' out of programming classes in high school, as has happened in the past. This is another example of a program that will change lives, that would not exist without the generosity of donors to PCEF in our community."

As for Abi, all she knows is, "In coding, you create what you want to create! I love creating what my mind wants!"

Through PCEF, the Park City School District is one of the first and only district’s in the country to offer an elementary coding curriculum alongside math and reading! Please help give our students a national head start to develop this critical skill for the 21st century. Contribute to the Coding Project today!

Thanks to you, PCEF is able to fund over $200,000 in STEM programs for 2018-2019. You help us go beyond what public education provides!

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