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School Grants are PCEF's second largest funding mechanism, and are for programs covering an entire grade, department or school. They are due March 30th and are for the following school year. YOUR generosity has enabled PCEF to fund $300,000 in School Grants for 2018 - 2019 school year!

Only PCSD Administrators, with their teachers, may apply for School Grants.

All grants must fall into one of the following PCEF interest areas: Academic Success, College and Career Readiness, Early Childhood Education, Professional Development & Teacher Recognition, STEM, Student Wellness, and The Arts.

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School Grants for 2018 - 2019:

Light bulbAcademic Success

 2da Taza de Café – EHMS - $810

For three years EHMS implemented a program for Latino parent outreach called "La segunda taza de cafe" (the second cup of coffee). This program has built a stronger relationship with EHMS and the Latino community. The format is very informal and open format where Latino parents can voice concerns, opinions and receive information about the school. Additionally, this year we piloted a Latino SPED parent group that specifically looks at supporting Latino parents who have students with IEP's. This group is designed to give Latino parents information to help them understand and support their students at home and in school.

Wild Wonders – TSES - $840

This grant provides the funds for students to have hands-on experiences with living native and exotic animals. During the interaction with these animals, students learn new vocabulary that is part of the Kindergarten Science and Technology Common Core.

Attendance Incentives – PCLA - $1,000

Funding will be used to purchase incentives for students at the Park City Learning Academy to attend school. Thirty-seven percent of PCLC students have severe chronic absence, while only 12% are in the satisfactory attendance range. Students have social/emotional issues as well and often do not attend due to substance abuse, anxiety and trauma. We would like to take a positive, encouraging rewarding approach to build healthy attendance and school participation.

Literacy Manipulatives – JRES - $1,200

Funds will be used to purchase a series of resources for K-2 teachers. These teachers have a need of manipulative resources to use in their classrooms’ literacy centers, as well as during small group reading instruction and intervention time.

PACE Materials – JRES, MPES, PPES, TSES - $1,500 each

Funding will be used to purchase materials identified by the four elementary PACE Specialists to continue and enhance the PACE programs in a consistent manner throughout the District. The PACE program impacts 2,000 students. 

Mentoring Program – EHMS - $1,750

The EHMS Mentoring Program was created to provide support for capable students who are not achieving at the level which they should be. The students have little to no opportunity to receive help at home and minimal motivation to do their best work. The Mentor Program meets as an advisory twice a week for 30 minutes. In addition, the faculty work with students during lunch, before, and after school, as well as during iTime. Once a week we cook and eat breakfast together as a celebration for working hard the previous week.

Unique Essential Elements Curriculum – JRES, MPES, PPES, TSES - $2,000 total

Funding will be used to provide a high-quality curriculum that is aligned with the Utah State Standards to students with severe disabilities. This curriculum will help meet students’ education needs in a variety of areas, including Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science.   Currently, students with severe disabilities do not have a specific curriculum, that is guided by standards and differentiated to unique learning needs available to them. While they are required to meet the state standards (similar to non-disabled students), there is not a road map available to teachers or paraprofessionals.

Chess for Success – MPES - $2,500

Chess for Success uses a robust chess-teaching platform called This learning tool is used throughout the United States and has proven effective in many school districts. To start, the Chess Program will be piloted at MPES through their after-school program.

Timberwolves Academic Support – EHMS - $3,000

Timberwolves Academic Support (TAS) is an after-school program designed to provide the time, space, and support for students to complete their homework and receive tutoring in specific core content areas. Students may attend every day or on an as- needed basis. Funds are used for incentives for students and families for attending homework club.

Spanish Summer Refresher – MPES - $3,060

Funding will be used to help prepare students that are incoming 1st graders to have an opportunity to be exposed to Spanish prior to starting school. Last year's 1st graders who are now going into 2nd, get the similar practice and exposure prior to the start of the school year.

Reading Inventory – EHMS - $5,670

The Reading Inventory is an interactive, computer-based assessment designed to measure how well students read text of varying difficulty. This test can serve as a tool for determining at which level students should be placed so that they may be successful in reading.

One Book One School – EHMS, $8,500

One Book One School is a program where every student and adult in the building reads the same book at the same time. The classroom teachers do various activities around the books. All adults, including the lunch ladies, custodians and secretaries, discuss the book with the students. The project will involve reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities the whole school will complete.

Connected Text Books – MPES - $15,000

Funding will be used to purchase authentic, motivating books for non-fluent readers. These books are needed in order for students to apply new phonics knowledge to text. Students will be given opportunities to read a variety of texts, including fiction, informational text, and poetry. These books would also be used in the Orton-Gillingham reading groups that focus on a multi-sensory approach to reading for struggling readers.


College careerCollege and Career Readiness

 Using Money in the Special Education Classroom and Community – EHMS - $800

This grant provides the funding for students with severe disabilities to practice using prepaid debit cards in a variety of settings in our community. Students also practice their math skills in the classroom by utilizing special machines that simulate real-life debit card transactions.

First Generation College Field Trips – TMJH - $1,500

Many of Park City’s high school students have parents who do not have a college education or specific career training. This grant provides the funding to help cover the costs of taking these students to UVU, University of Utah, and SLCC or Mountain Land Applied Technology College, so that they may develop the goal of becoming the first generation in their family to achieve post-secondary education.

School Newspaper – EHMS - $1,500

Funds will pay for a staff to create a club to write and publish a newspaper. Journalism has room for every student's passions. Budding photojournalists, graphic designers, environmentalists, student government leaders, fine-artists, athletes, scientists, musicians and even animal lovers can discover new ways of communicating that they previously may not have thought were meaningful or applicable to them and to their career goals.  

College Access – PCHS - $2,000

This grant provides funding to help under-served students pay for concurrent enrollment fees and college application fees for colleges that do not allow fee waivers.

Trailside’s Stir Crazy Coffee Cart for Special Ed – TSES - $2,000

This grant provides the funding for a “coffee cart” for Special Education students at TSES. By serving baked goods and coffee to teachers, staff, and family members on Fridays, Special Education students can practice their social and communication skills, as well as advocating for themselves.

Park City Learning Academy Transition College – PCLA - $2,275

Young adults with special needs from the Post High School Special Education Transition Program will be given the chance to plan and access various social and educational experiences within their community.

“At Risk” College Visits – PCHS - $2,300

This provides funding for three transition fieldtrips for students in 11th and 12th grades who are ELL students or have disabilities. The grant funds the cost of transportation on a school bus, for a tour and visit of two colleges.

Latinos in Action –TMJH - $4,000

Latinos in Action is a leadership program, which requires students to have a minimum 3.0 GPA. The program encourages students to be academically successful and see college education as a goal after high school. There is an important service component, which also requires students to be tutors to elementary school students.

Latinos in Action – PCHS - $5,000

Latinos in Action is a leadership class that requires students to have a minimum 2.5 GPA. LIA's goal is to empower both the students in the class and the greater Park City community through our works of service.

Leadership Latinos in Action – EHMS - $6,000

Student Leadership and Latinos in Action are classes that students apply to, and for which the selection criteria is quite rigorous. Rather than being based solely on academics, students are accepted based on their character, effort, dedication, etc. Funding will be used for new uniforms, leadership conferences, transportation to elementary schools for tutoring, transportation to service projects, and much more. These are classes in which students work to develop as leaders by learning about themselves, serving others, trying new things, and becoming leaders within the school and their communities.

Fee Waivers – PCHS - $5,000

This grant provides funding to cover the costs of fees associated with advanced placement tests and classes for those that do not have the financial resources to pay for these expenses themselves.

NAC Adaptive PE – PCHS - $7,895

This grant provides funding for instruction and/or services from the National Ability Center (NAC) for PCHS Special Education students, as well as transportation to and from the NAC or Ecker Hill Swimming Pool. The NAC has all the equipment and specialized instruction needed to allow Special Education students participate in Physical Education.

Academic Competition National Travel Fund – PCHS - $9,000

The Academic Competition National Travel fund alleviates travel and competition costs for several academic groups that qualify to compete on national level.

Debate – PCHS, TMJH - $9,500

This grant provides funding for the successful PCHS Debate Program to be used for travel expenses, judge fees, and tournament registrations.

Mustang After School Academy (MASA) – TMJH - $15,000

This grant provides the funding for an after-school program with activities that are personalized to the students’ interests and needs. The goal is to provide students with a positive, structured environment and to offer alternative activities.

Teachers briefcaseProfessional Development

 DI – ELA Mapping –MPES - $5,000

Dual Immersion (DI) Teachers, both those teaching in Spanish and those teaching in English, will determine priority standards for English Language Arts (ELA). The Spanish teachers will then create activities, assessments, and materials that will support those priority standards. They will also create assessments that go along with our ELA program.



Avalanche Safety Class – TMJH, PCHS - $2,000

This grant provides funding for The American Avalanche Institute (AAI) to teach a program to 9th-12th grade students interested in learning more about traveling safely in their local backcountry. The program includes three days of training after school and one field session.

Makerspace – EHMS - $5,000

The MakerSpace continues to provide technological tools, equipment, and materials for students to use for creative projects, that have included science fair entrees, iTime competitions, and other personal projects that students have engaged in throughout the school year. Next year we plan on opening more time in the morning hours for students to come in to work on science and engineering based projects to compete in the MakerSpace and MESA competitions. This time will also be used to develop science and engineering fair projects.

Starlab – EHMS - $5,000

A Starlab is a portable planetarium, that allows indoor simulation of stars and constellations. It is an outstanding interdisciplinary teaching aid for scientific concepts, as well as other educational disciplines.

Makerspace – JRES - $7,000

Funding will be used to purchase a Makerspace on wheels, that has 40 STEM Next Generation Science Standards aligned, evidence-based projects that have been built on sound research and with best teaching practices in mind. The cart includes a pallet of replacement supplies with over 15,000 components. This allows for take-home affordability that will enable the students to further experiment and to share with their families. Sturdy tools and fully functioning mechanisms can be created that will reproduce actual, real-world applications.

Robotics – PCHS - $31,050

This grant will support the FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) Robotics club at PCHS.  Teams of students design, build, and program robots to participate in regional and hopefully, national competitions.  This grant funds replacement parts, competition fees, teacher stipend and other items needed for the club.



Student Wellness IconStudent Wellness

PCLA Community Building – PCLA - $500

Funding will provide Park City Learning Academy (PCLA) students with opportunities for community building, as well as address attendance issues. A morning celebration such as Waffle Wednesday could increase student well-being by providing a sense of community, and would also increase attendance on Wednesdays by motivating kids to come to school early or on-time.

Hockey/Soccer Goals for PE – PPES - $1,541

Funding will be used to pay for new goals for PPES PE Classes. They are in need of great sturdy goals that fold up and will last a long time. The PE classes use them almost all year long for every grade.

Keys to Success – EHMS - $3,876

Keys to Success is a "one day - fun day" intro and welcome back to Ecker Hill Middle School. We will take care of all the beginning of school business, like Safe Schools, Canvas and Welcome assemblies, lockers and schedules on this day. Our 7th graders will partner with 6th graders to "teach the ropes" at Ecker. Integrated throughout the day will be actives such as a scavenger hunt, collaborative puzzles and a picnic lunch. Our focus will be on what it takes to be successful at Ecker Hill Middle School.

The Whole Child – MPES - $9,000

The Whole Child is a Social Emotional Learning program witht an emphasis on mindfulness and medication.  The program includes a 30 minute weekly lesson for students in grades 3-5.  In each lesson, students learn a new mindful concept, practice the concept, and then are asked to journal their personal feelings.  These lessons have been successful for our students and teachers as evidenced by students using breathing techniques to relieve stress, improvement in classroom attention, an increase in the ability to navigate social situations, and self regulation of emotions.

Playworks – JRES -$11,500   

JRES developed a Recess Team and partners with Playworks Utah, a non-profit organization, to model and teach the strategies, games, and systems to develop and sustain a positive recess culture. Through this partnership, JRES is creating a recess culture that includes an active-play recess curriculum proven to develop an inclusive culture, build social and emotional skills, teach conflict resolution and shift behaviors to accelerate learning all day long and it's all managed by students.

Project Wayfinder – PCHS - $13,000

The Project Wayfinder curriculum equips students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become purposeful navigators of life. Utilizing this professional development and curriculum in our PCCAPS and other CTE programs, we look to inspire our next generation to become intentional meaning-makers, empowered to contribute to the world around them. Using PCCAPS as a pilot, we hope to show the power of the Project Wayfinder curriculum in helping students of Park City High School better navigate school and life after.

Mindfulness at TSES – TSES – $15,000

This program will train and support teachers in the Mindful Schools curriculum at TSES. Teachers will participate in a twelve-week online certification course and be supported by mindful professionals throughout the year, implementing and fine-tuning their own mindfulness practice and curriculum in their classroom.

Mindful Schools Teacher Certification & Facilitation – EHMS - $23,100

EHMS is in phase two of implementing and maintaining Mindfulness in classrooms. Additional teachers will be trained in Mindful Schools. Teachers and counselors will continue to work with mindfulness professionals to reinforce and coach teachers' own personal mindfulness practice and assist and model mindfulness to students. Counselors and teachers will receive training to be mindfulness trainers/classroom models/curriculum builders in order to sustain the Mindful Schools Training.

 ArtsThe Arts

Choir EHMS - $1,000  

Funding will be used to pay for piano accompanist for the Ecker Hill 6th Grade Choir, 7th Grade Choir, and Honor Choir, which includes a minimum of six concerts and twelve rehearsals throughout the school year.

Blues in the School – EHMS - $2,000

Blues in the School begins with historical/social presentation on where the Blues music originated and the influence it has had on American music. The presentation includes a live musical performance/demo and teaching the students Blues licks on the harmonica. All students receive a harmonica as part of the program. Our interest in the program lies in the connection between the presentation, the book Echo, (all 6th graders read it) and the 6th grade social studies curriculum. 

Smart Music – EHMS - $3,040

This grant provides funding for one teacher subscription and 250 student subscriptions to Smart Music, a web-based music assessment program.

FlipForms - TSES - $3,591

Trailside has many performance opportunities for our students.  The FlipForm risers will be able to be used in many capacities as a platform, a step, or a seated riser.  These will replace outdated, splintery risers, and be of use to the entire school.

String Program Scholarships – JRES, PPES, MPES, TSES - $4,000 total

Funding will be used to provide additional scholarships for students participating in the after-school program at the elementary schools.  As part of the program, nearly 200 students receive high-quality instruction and performance on violins provided by the Arts Youth Empowerment project.  Many of the participating students are in financial need and will benefit from these scholarships.

Art Portable Dividers - TMJH - $6,202

This grant will provide the funds to purchase seven dividers suitable for a school art show. The dividers will be available to all teachers wishing to showcase students’ work throughout the year.  Student art may be displayed during parent teacher conferences, back to school nights, and other events. The Dividers have six panels each and are 6'5" inches tall.

PCHS Arts - Teen: Special Education – PCHS - $8,000 

This after-school program will be delivered by Arts-Kids, Inc., a Park City based non-profit.  Arts-Kids uses a small-group therapy-based model to build community and life skills.  Student will experience expressive-arts activities, and learn wellness techniques.  The sessions will be conducted once a week for ten weeks each semester by a trained facilitator familiar with the special education student population.

EVA: Elementary Visual Arts – PPES - $10,000

This grant funds the professional art instruction for 1,500 elementary students at PPES. The curriculum and supplies are provided by the Kimball Art Center.





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