Doilney Excellent Educator Awards Sponsored by Deer Valley Resort


The Sarah & Stephen Doilney Award

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In 1996, developers Jim Doilney and Mike Barnes wanted to give back to the schools that gave Park City such a stellar reputation and made it a desirable place to live. In particular, Jim, the son of a teacher, wanted to honor his mother's profession. Thus, with PCEF's help, the Doliney-Barnes Teaching Excellence Awards were born.

Each spring, teachers and staff at each of the Park City School District’s seven schools vote for the person they feel best personifies an excellent educator. PCSD’s Board of Education, PTO/PTA officers and PCEF’s Board of Directors may also vote. Since 1996, Jim has funded a cash award for the winner at each school.

In 2013, Jim sat down with Deer Valley to discuss the funding going forward. Deer Valley Resort, already the largest sponsor of PCEF's Teacher Grant program, stepped up to fund this award. With this sponsorship, Deer Valley Resort becomes the biggest private supporter of teacher intiatives in the Park City School District. The honor is now the Doilney Excellent Educator Awards Sponsored by Deer Valley Resort.

In 1996, Jim also created a very special award to honor his parents. The Sarah & Stephen Doliney Award, as voted on by the Senior Class at Park City High, honors the most influential educator of their school career. This award will continue to be funded by Jim.

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2014 Recipients:


The Class of 2014 named Maureen Amendola as The Sarah and Stephen Doilney Award recipient.

This award names the educator who influenced them the most during their years in the Park City School District. Some of the best comments describing her influence have come from her students, including:

  • Mrs. Amendola has always been there when I needed help whether it was school related or just life in general. She has pushed me to reach my full potential in everything that I do and I will appreciate the lessons she has taught me for the rest of my life.

  • I had her for first period, and as hard as it is to wake up early and be forced to focus in school, I never wanted to miss her class! She is the best! Anyone who gets the chance to have her as a teacher is extremely lucky.

  • As a sophomore at PCHS, Dola inspired me to love science. She supported me as I struggled through chemistry and taught me to be a better person. I have learned numerous lessons and gained priceless knowledge from Dola. She is awesome! “I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living.”

From Mrs.Amendola:

"Please convey my sincerest thanks to the Doilney family, the PCEF  and Deer Valley for their generous efforts to acknowledge the work of teachers in our district.  I was deeply touched by all the planning that went into the presentation of my award on Friday. Even though teaching is an inherently rewarding career with daily joys and opportunities to make a real difference for children,  it still means a great deal to teachers to know that we are supported by the  community we serve.  The Doilney family has done more over the years than they could possibly realize to motivate teachers simply by letting us know that we are valued."



 The 2014 Doilney Excellent Educator Award Recipients are:
Jana Tullis


McPolin Elementary: Jana Tullis, 2nd Grade Teacher
  • She always goes the extra mile to help her fellow teacher, whether its serving in after-school committees, providing help and feedback to her team, or just having a great attitude during the tough days at school.
  • She is an excellent, caring teacher who is very creative in her lessons and always calm. She did very well transitioning into Dual Immersion.




Jeremy Ranch Elementary: Barb Hansen, 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Barb has a huge heart for all of her students…current and former. She gives her kindness freely and creates a welcome learning environment.
  • She is a highly dedicated teacher. She incorporates love and inclusion in her classroom which breeds loving and inclusive children.
  • She makes every single student feel welcome and valued in her class. She differentiates her instruction so every single student learns. Every student in her class is respectful and treated with respect, has learned more than I could have imagined and is so excited to be at school every day. It’s rare to meet such a well- rounded teacher. I cannot think of many who deserve an award as much as she does.



Bowers Parley's Park Elementary: Tracy Bowers, Reading Specialist
  • Tracy is a kind and caring educator. I love watching her as she sees success in the students she works with. I feel lucky to work and learn from Tracy.
  • Tracy Bowers is truly an excellent educator: She loves and cares about each and every student that walks into the Reading Center. Tracy doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” type of intervention.
  • I see Tracy as an anchor at Parley’s Park, a true leader who is grounded in the belief that if a child is reading well they can be and do anything they want.
  • Tracy is a devoted and dedicated teacher who prioritizes the student needs, all while being an equally devoted mother and wife. She believes, knows, and has seen the importance of early reading intervention and has seen the difference it has made in the students life. This motivates and propels countless long and sleepless nights. While her title is Reading Speciailst, Tracy wears many hats and goes above and beyond her duties to help the students and countless faculty members to help with the bottom line: a student reaching their full potential. She does is all with a beautiful smile on her face.



Pierce Trailside Elementary: Shelly Pierce, Special Education Teacher
  • She goes above and beyond to help not only students, but teachers too. She has given me specific ideas to improve my teaching and tools to work with students. She has great skills and shares these all the time.
  • Shelley is an amazing teacher. She devotes much time and energy to helping her students succeed. The support that she gives to the classroom teacher gives the teacher insight into the child that benefits the child as well as the whole regular classroom.
  • She is a wonderful teacher and is excellent with her special ed kids, but looks out for ALL the Trailside students and STAFF! She rocks!



Munoz Ecker Hill Middle School: Patricia Munoz, 7th Grade Social Spanish Teacher and LIA Coordinator
  • Patricia has been the heart and soul of our Latino community at Ecker. She takes extra time to work with students to take them on field trips, and to translate in parent meetings. When it comes to our Latino students (and all students, really), Patricia’s response is always, “Yes.”
  • Patricia works tirelessly to support the LIA student in and outside of school. She stays long after everyone has gone home to help out at homework club. She loves and inspires her students and is an integral part of the Ecker Hill staff. Her students love her back – I have seen it!
Two of her past students, who are graduating high school this year, wrote:
  • Ms. Munoz made me fall in love with the Spanish language. She always treated us with respect and had our best interests in mind.
  • Ms. Munoz was not just my teacher - she was my friend. She defied the norms and helped me with absolutely anything. She put her students before herself without hesitation and did whatever it took for her students to not only succeed, but also feel loved and safe.



McIntosh Treasure Mountain Junior High: Kevin McIntosh, Vice-Principal
  • Every morning Treasure Mountain Junior High is greeted with Mr. McIntosh’s “Walk with a Purpose” or “Let’s Rock & Roll.” He energizes our school with such positive (but firm) encouragement.
  • Who else would drive a Harley through the Treasure Mountain gym?
  • I will never forget Kevin instructing his first hour class out of their seats, to the hall and then to skip back into class- to start the New Year right.
  • He is an excellent teacher and applied these skills to be one of the most effective administrators I have had in my 25-year career.
  • Kevin has put his heart and soul into taking care of these kids. Everyday he is visibly and audibly present – reminding kids to get to class on time, be their best, treat each other with respect and to work hard.
  • Since Kevin has been our AP, the entire community of Treasure has improved. He is effective in leadership, but has never lost his heart of a teacher. We are going to miss him terribly.

 From Mr. McIntosh:

"It was a true surprise upon receiving Educator of the Year for TMJH. It is an honor that will stay with me for the rest of my life!"



Ray Park City High School: Ben Ray, Science Teacher
  • Ben comes to life in front of his classroom. He is animated, passionate, engaging and funny. He seems to understand and relate to his students in a relaxed and authentic way. In turn, one sees his students engaged not only with him but the science concepts he is teaching. He simply goes about bringing his best ideas, love for his subject, and energy and passion to work every single day.
  • He never gives up and he cares about the success of EVERY student; giving access for all to find success

From one of his students:

  • Mr. Ray inspired me to choose the major I have chosen in college. He was the teacher that made school fun. I loved his class more than anything. He is encouraging and opened my eyes to what I really loved.






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