Carolyn Webber Alder, Park Record

While sitting in a cafeteria wedged between people using plastic forks and knives, Nick Markels could not help but think about all the plastic going into the garbage at the end of the lunch hour. It was then that he thought of an invention that could help reduce waste.

Markels, a senior at Park City High School, created a spork and knife combination made of biodegradable materials. He called it the Sporknife. He submitted his design and marketing plan to the CAPS Student Innovation Contest, a national competition for young entrepreneurs, and was one of two students in the country selected for the Edison Award. The competition was sponsored by the Center for Advanced Professional Studies and Edison Universe, and it was open to students in CAPS programs around the U.S.

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Nick Markels, a senior at Park City High School, won an 
Edison Award for his Sporknife design. 
(Photo courtesy of Nick Markels)

Note:  Nick developed his Sprknife through the Park City CAPS program, which is supported by PCEF donors.




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