Carolyn Webber Alder, Park Record

When the Park City Board of Education voted earlier this year to remove student fees, people throughout the community were happy to see the Board taking steps to achieve its equitability goals. But as the school year started and groups that had depended on the fee collection website to gather donations were watching their contributions remain stagnant, there was a scramble to quickly find a solution.

Now, after missing out on one of their most lucrative fundraising efforts of the year, some of the parent-teacher organizations, and even the Park City Education Foundation, are off to a bad start.

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A student plays a game during the fall festival at McPolin Elementary School, which is
held by the Parent Teacher Organization.  The PTO depends more on events like the
festival to raise funds over collecting dues at the beginning of the school year.
(Photo courtesy of McPolin Elementary School's PTO)




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