Carolyn Webber Alder, Park Record

Every week, students at Treasure Mountain Junior High show up to work. They take the teachers' orders, make coffee and serve the drinks from a coffee cart in their work uniforms.

Cierra Fitz, a special education teacher at the school, said the students with special needs learn a variety of skills from the coffee cart program, such as responsibility and how to work as a team. Treasure Mountain is one of four schools in the Park City School District that gives special education students the opportunity to make and sell coffee for teachers, and one of several schools that utilize Park City Education Foundation grants to make a difference in the lives of students with special needs. Jen Billow, associate director of communications and development for the foundation, said the organization funds numerous programs in the district, and it seems that the theme of those programs increasingly focuses on special education.

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Students in Dan Gallery's class serve coffee to teachers as a part of
the coffee cart at Ecker Hill Middle School. It is one of several programs in the
Park City School District funded by the Park City Education Foundation.

(Image courtesy of Dan Gallery).




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