Lisa Wray 2

Lisa Wray

Lisa grew up in San Diego and has had the opportunity to live in San Francisco, Chicago, Spain and Australia. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Lisa has enjoyed a successful sales and business development career in the healthcare industry. She currently leads a small company focusing on technology solutions for provision of continuing education to healthcare providers.

A 6 month consulting project brought Lisa and her family to Park City in 2011. She and her husband, Daniel, immediately fell in love with this amazing town. They quickly made the move permanent and bought a home in Silver Springs. Their daughter Quincy is currently enrolled as a kindergarten student at Parleys Park Elementary.

Lisa’s educational background included both public and private schooling. As an undergraduate, she had the opportunity to experience two study abroad programs including Semester at Sea, as well as a post-graduate international language immersion program. She has 15 years of career experience focused on adult education and lifelong learning. These experiences give her a well-rounded and unique perspective on education, the power it has to transform lives, and the vital role it fulfills in building healthy communities. In her free time, Lisa enjoys traveling, biking, hiking, skiing, and family time!

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