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 EVA provides elementary visual arts instructors at Parley's Park, McPolin, and Trailside Elementary Schools. (Note – Jeremy Ranch Elementary has its own parent-run art program.) With EVA, 1,500 students now have art lessons as part of their school curriculum. They explore the principles of art such as symbolism and collage, and learn about artists like Salvador Dali, Claude Monet and Leonardo da Vinci. The program is in collaboration with the Kimball Art Center and started during the 2013-14 school year.

The idea first blossomed when parents, the Kimball and the PCEF became deeply motivated to create a school art program, as Elementary Art had been eliminated from the public education budget many years ago. EVA Art Specialists are entirely funded by the PCEF. With EVA, students enjoy professionally taught art classes within the school day. Art is a critical piece to developing the whole child. And, children are responding! A first grader at Trailside said this about the art class "It's fun and makes me feel confident" while another student says the best part about art is that " art we never make mistakes."

Thank you to Zions Bank for their support of EVA.

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Thanks to you, PCEF is able to fund almost $150,000 in Arts programs in our district for this year. You are helping us go beyond what public education provides!

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Please help the Arts flourish in the Park City School District!


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