The District Grants are PCEF's biggest granting mechanism. They fund programs across more than one school site. They are due in June and are for the upcoming school year. Thanks to YOU, our incredibly generous donors, PCEF is able to fund $450,000 in District Grants for the 2016 - 2017 school year!

Signature Grants are keystone programs, deemed critical by both PCEF and PCSD. PCEF has made a three-year commitment to fund Signature Grants.

Only PCSD district employees may apply for District Grants.

All grants must fall into one of the following PCEF interest areas: Academic Rigor, College and Career Readiness, Early Childhood Education, Professional Development & Teacher Recognition, STEM, Student Wellness, and The Arts.

To apply for a District Grant, click here.

District Grants for 2016 - 2017:

Light bulbAcademic Rigor

PACE Materials - JRES, MPES, PPES and TSES - $10,000

  • PCEF is funding materials that the PACE teachers identified as needed to continue and enance the programs in a consistent manner throughout the district.

DLI Reources Library - JRES, TSES - $2,000

  • Trailside and Jeremy Ranch have identified a need for French resources for the classrooms. They applied for a grant that can be matched by the French Embassy.  

PCEF SIGNATURE PROGRAM: Author-in-Residence - TMJH, PCHS - $15,000

WiFi for Students in Need - EHMS, TMJH, PCHS - $12,500

College careerCollege and Career Readiness

PCEF SIGNATURE PROGRAM: Afterschool Program - $146,000

Latinos in Action (LIA) - EHMS, TMJH, PCHS - $9,400

  • Latinos in Action is a Leadership class offered at EHMS, TMJH and PCHS. Latino students must have a 2.5 GPA. LIA's goal is to empower both the students in the class and the greater Park city community through our works of service.

Ecker Hill Middle School Latinos in Action - EHMS - $3,250

  • PCEF will fund new uniforms, a Leadership conference, new uniforms and LIA registrations for Ecker Hill LIA students.

Fee Waivers - TMJH, PCHS - $4,000

  • PCEF will supplement the cost of Advanced Placement (AP) exams for those students who do not have the financial resources.


Bright Futures - PCHS and Beyond - $88,000

Dyslexia Initiative - Pilot at MPES - $15,000

Early ChildhoodEarly Childhood Education

Suesville - JRES, MPES, PPES and TSES - $2,700

  • PCEF will fund the Read Across America Day on March 2nd, 2017 for their 3rd year. The goal is to bring 500 community volunteers to each elementary school to read to the K-3 students. For each volunteer who reads, the teacher will receive a donated book.



Profesional Development

IOWA Technology - District Wide - $4,650

  • The Institute of Wicked Awesomeness is the district's in-house technology endorsement program offered for teachers. The certification takes about a year and is paid for by the participants. This grant funds participant subscriptions to on-line tools for their classroom use including an SD card. We anticipate 25 participants and 6 instructors for the program. 



STEM Coordinator - K through 12 with an emphasis at EHMS - $77,813

  • PCEF will fund Charlie Matthew's salary for this position to help the district align the science curriculum with the UT Core standards.  His  focus will be on 6th-8th grade and he will oversee the attend STEM conferences on behalf of the district.

District Science Fair - All Schools - $5,200

  • PCEF will provide funding for the district science fair by paying for  teacher stipends, participant prizes,  marketing, rental tables and entry fees.

Adrusat - EHMS, TMJH - $13,500

  • PCEF will fund 3 space kids for 6th, 7th and 8th grad science and an annual licenses. These units are aligned with the new SEED standard. The combination of science and coding an authentic inquiry-based lesses will enhand the districts move toeards more integrated, pojected-based learning for middle school students.

Coding - JRES, MPES, PPES, TSES - $180,000

  • Provides for a Coding Teacher at each elementary school.

ArtsThe Arts

PCEF SIGNATURE PROGRAM: EVA: Elementary Visual Arts Program at MPES, PPES and TES - $90,000

  • Funds supplies and professional art instruction for 1500 elementary students. Art is taught once per month at Parley's Park and Trailside Elementary students and twice per month at McPolin Elementary. Curriculum is provided by the Kimball Art Center.



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